Welcome to Kratosa Divorce Advisors

Divorce is complicated and intense. It can cause you to doubt your sanity. It will emotionally hamper your ability to make sound decisions. Kratosa Divorce Advisors will help you develop a divorce plan.

  • Set your attitude. Divorce is a means to an end. Focus on the future. What are your new life objectives?
  • Analyze your current and post-divorce financial picture. What are your options?
  • Develop a support community. This will usually include a mediator and/or attorney, mental heath therapist, and a divorce financial professional.
  • Choose your method of divorce. In New Jersey, there are five different ways to get a divorce. 

Your divorce process will be rough and unpredictable. Kratosa Divorce Advisors will help you adjust your plan as necessary or desired. 

Hi, I am Susan Wright, a principal of KratosaSM Divorce Advisors. My goal is to help you obtain an informed divorce that will meet your new life objectives. As an experienced financial professional and mediator, I can guide you and your spouse through a discussion and understanding of the financial issues of divorce enabling you both to make informed choices.

As a divorce financial professional, I will help you understand your future financial picture taking into account the tax and other long-term effects of your decisions that may include splitting pensions, selling or keeping the marital home, dividing long-term savings plans and the effect of market volatility on your returns from investments. Having an objective and understanding your financial choices will enable you to make better decisions.

As a divorce mediator, I can guide you and your spouse through the discussions and decisions of divorce. Mediation enables a couple to control their divorce. Decision-making skills learned during mediation can reduce the corrosive nature of the relationship so that decisions made post-divorce are easier. In general, mediation is less time-consuming and expensive than a litigated divorce.

For more information about Mediation, Divorce Financial Analysis or Pre-Divorce Planning, please contact Kratosa Divorce Advisors at 973.692.8814 or email us at info@KratosaDivorce.com.