Welcome to Kratosa Divorce Advisors

Divorce is complicated and intense.  It can cause you to doubt your sanity, reasoning and ability to make sound decisions. You will need help and a plan.

  • Set your attitude. Divorce is a means to an end. Focus on the future. What are your new life objectives?
  • Analyze your current and expected future financial picture. What are your financial options?
  • Develop a support community. Minimally, this usually includes a mediator and an attorney, mental heath therapist, and a divorce financial professional.
  • Choose your method of divorce. You have a choice of divorcing inside (litigation) or outside (mediation) the court system.

The divorce process is rough and your plan will be modified. However, having a plan will help keep you focused.

Hi, I am Susan Wright, a principal of KratosaSM Divorce Advisors. My goal is to help you obtain an informed divorce that will meet your new life objectives. As an experienced financial professional and mediator, I can guide you and your spouse through a discussion and understanding of the financial issues of divorce enabling you both to make informed choices.

As a divorce financial professional, I will help you understand your future financial picture taking into account the tax and other long-term effects of your decisions that may include splitting pensions, selling or keeping the marital home, dividing long-term savings plans and the effect of market volatility on your returns from investments. Having an objective and understanding your financial choices will enable you to make better decisions.

As a divorce mediator, I can guide you and your spouse through the discussions and decisions of divorce. Mediation enables a couple to control their divorce. Decision-making skills learned during mediation can reduce the corrosive nature of the relationship so that decisions made post-divorce are easier. In general, mediation is less time-consuming and expensive than a litigated divorce.

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