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Susan Wright

According to published statistics, a significant number of us will get divorced. I am included in those numbers. The experience fueled a strong desire to guide others through the divorce process in an informed and less expensive manner.

Kratosa℠ Divorce Advisors was formed to provide you with an understanding of the divorce process, the finances of divorce and a method of divorce that is respectful with tools that will assist you post-divorce. My goal is to help you obtain an informed divorce where your new life objectives are met. I want you to understand the  financial options available to you and the long-term effects of your decisions.

Just so you know.  .  .  . I am a member of the NJ-Association of Professional Mediators (NJ-APM) and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®(CDFA®). In addition, I have an MBA in finance from The College of William and Mary, a BS from Old Dominion University, both in Virginia, and a 25-year career in finance.


Kratosa Divorce Advisors can be contacted by calling 973.692.8814 or sending email to info@KratosaDivorce.com.

About us Kratosa Divorce Advisors mediator CDFA Susan Wright

Kratosa Divorce Advisors

Kratosa Divorce Advisors are located in Somerset county, New Jersey

*Kratosa (krā tō sâ) - modern Greek god of power and strength.